Save time and stress, use a Buyers Agent

Buyer’s agents act exclusively on behalf of the buyer unlike traditional real estate agents who act on behalf of the seller.

Our clients often tell us that the top 3 reasons for using a buyer’s agent are:

1. Buyer’s Agents will save you time

As experienced buyers’ agents, the biggest guarantee that we provide to all our clients is that we will save them a huge amount of time and stress in:

  • Sourcing properties
  • Inspecting properties
  • Researching properties
  • Organising due diligence
  • Liaising with third parties including the building and pest inspector, strata records inspector, solicitor and mortgage broker for example
  • Negotiating with the real estate agent

A good buyer’s agent can save their clients hours, days, weeks and sometimes months in finding the right property and anyone who appreciates their time will gain value from a buyer’s agent.

2. Buyer’s Agents save money

If a seller uses a selling agent to help them to achieve the highest selling price then it makes sense for a buyer to be adequately represented in negotiating the lowest possible purchase price. A good buyer’s agent always aims to save their clients as much money as possible through:

  • Knowledge of the market
  • Superior negotiation skills
  • Experience at bidding at auction if required
  • Remaining objective and focused without becoming emotionally involved.
  • Finding suitable properties

Whilst the level of financial savings can never be guaranteed, buyers’ agents will seek to ensure that their clients buy quality properties at good prices.

3. Buyer’s agents are constantly Sourcing the Best Properties for their Clients

In addition to the hundreds of properties listed on the Sydney market and online, buyers’ agents sometimes find off-market opportunities and details of properties before they hit the market. Buyers’ agents are able to do this through:

  • Established relationships with real estate agents
  • Extensive business and industry networks.

So if you are looking for a property in Sydney, speak to an experienced property buyer’s agent. Call us today on 02 9568 6330.

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