Dealing With The Selling Agent

Remember that the selling agent has been engaged by the Vendor to achieve the maximum selling price for the property. As with any profession, there are some agents who are less scrupulous than others.

If an agent tells you something important about the property, do your own research to make sure the advice is accurate. The agent is always likely to present the property in the best possible light.

Example: If you are buying an investment property, do not rely upon the rental guide provided by the selling agent. Invite at least one independent property manager to inspect the property to give you a second opinion.

However, don’t ever lose your cool or get angry with the agent. You may question whether they are telling the truth and you may not like the way they seem to be treating you but never let this show. If you annoy the agent or fall out with them, they are unlikely to want to deal with you. Remember that buying a property is just like any other business transaction. If you maintain a good professional relationship with the agent you will be more likely to secure the property.

Example: We have had many occasions where another party may have been willing to offer more money for a particular property. Because the agent preferred dealing with us, however, we were able to secure the purchase for our client at a lower price. In contrast, a property buyer’s agent acts at all times in the best interests of the buyer and ensures that there is a level playing field for the buyer. To speak to a qualified property buyer’s agent, call Buyers Domain today.

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