Why Use A Buyers Agent?

Buyer’s agents are property agents engaged by buyers and not sellers to assist with the search, selection, negotiation and acquisition of property. Good buyer’s agents will aim to ensure that their clients benefit from the following advantages:

Buyer’s Agents save you time. Why do all the hard work in looking for properties and attending property inspections when your buyer’s agent can do this for you?

Buyer’s Agents save you money. A good buyer’s agent will always try to secure the best possible deals for their clients. Buyer’s agents know the property market and are experienced negotiators.

Buyer’s Agents reduce your stress. Buying property can be frustrating and emotionally exhausting. Minimise your stress and anxiety by engaging an experienced buyer’s agent.

Buyer’s Agents will provide access to a wider range of properties. Buyer’s agents are constantly looking for properties via a number of different sources. Often buyer’s agents are able to use their contacts to find “off-market” opportunities thereby providing access to a more extensive selection of properties.

Buyer’s Agents give you specialist property advice. Buyer’s agents are property professionals who are able to advise you upon a broad spectrum of property matters including choice of suburbs, any expectations regarding your budget and the current strength of the property market for example.

Buyer’s Agents give objective and impartial property advice. A selling agent will assist you with the sale of any existing property and may give you some pointers in respect of your property purchase. However, selling agents are motivated by selling property. On the other hand, buyer’s agents work in the best interests of the buyer by striving to ensure that their clients buy quality properties at good prices.

Buyer’s Agents will ensure that the entire purchase transaction is as smooth as possible. From dealing with the selling agent to liaising with your mortgage broker and solicitor, you can rely upon your buyer’s agent to make sure that the whole process takes place as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are looking for a new home or investment property in Sydney, delegate your property purchase today to an experienced property buyer’s agent. Call us on 02 9568 6330.

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