Q1. If I find a property for sale that I like, what can Buyers Domain do that I couldn’t do myself?

You’ve found a property that you like which is fantastic. However, what’s the right price to pay for the property? How much is too much? What things should be checked and reviewed to make sure that you’re not buying a lemon? What’s the best way to negotiate the lowest possible price? How can the property be secured before auction? Alternatively, what’s the likelihood of being the successful bidder at auction? At Buyers Domain, we assist you with all these things to save you time and eliminate all the stress. We have the skills and expertise to be able to do this because we’re licensed real estate professionals and we’ve been doing this for a long time. In markets where there is strong competition for desirable properties, we know how to deal with the agents to give you the edge over other buyers. Our role is to increase your chances of securing the property at the right price.

Q2. What if I instruct Buyers Domain to carry out a Pre Purchase Property Review and I don’t buy the property?

There may be reasons why you don’t end up with the property. For example, our Pre Purchase Property Review may reveal issues or problems with the property which we will discuss with you. Using our advice, you may choose not to buy the property. Alternatively, another buyer may simply be prepared to pay more for the property than it’s worth or more than you can afford. If you don’t end up buying the property, provided the agreed fixed time period has not expired, you can let us know the details of other properties that you are interested in, and we will carry out our Pre Purchase Property Review in respect of those properties.

Q3. Is there a limit on the number of properties in respect of which Buyers Domain will carry out its Pre Purchase Property Review.

No. Provided that the agreed fixed time period has not expired, you can provide us with the details of multiple properties that you have inspected and are interested in.

Q4. What if I have instructed Buyers Domain to carry out Pre Purchase Property Reviews in respect of multiple properties that I have inspected and I still haven’t bought a property within the agreed fixed time period.

If the agreed fixed time period expires and you still haven’t bought a property, we will offer to roll over the fees already paid into the cost of our full property search – We find the property for you. For further information in respect of our fees, please see Q7 below.

Q5. How can I be sure that Buyers Domain will negotiate a better price than I could myself?

Many buyers either pay too much for property, or miss out on buying property altogether because they have don’t have enough time or information to appropriately assess the property and make a sensible offer. With access to comprehensive data and research, relationships with industry professionals, superior knowledge of the market and expert negotiation skills, you can be confident that unless you are very experienced in buying property and have the time to carry out all the research, we will negotiate the best price and most favourable terms for you.

Q6. How is Buyers Domain different from other buyers agents?

In addition to our real estate expertise, we have many years’ experience in property law, conveyancing and property development. We have no background in sales and will not sell you a property. Our philosophy is that if we have found the right property for you, the property should sell itself and we will ensure that you can make an informed decision. Our professionalism combined with our personalised caring approach set us apart from other buyers agents. We aim to ensure that the whole process will be an enjoyable and a rewarding experience.

Q7. How does Buyers Domain charge for its services?

Our philosophy is that if we have found the right property for you, the property should sell itself and we will assist you to make an informed decision. We charge a fixed fee, tailored to your current (or future needs) and to your specific search. Our fees start from as little as $5,000 plus GST and are based on a specified time period agreed with you up front. Payment for our services is staged throughout our engagement.

For more information please call us on 0405 134 645 or email us

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