New Look for Buyer’s Domain

buyers domain new look

By Buyer’s Domain Principal Buyer’s Agent, Nick Viner


Every company has an origin story

When it was time to begin a career, I originally chose the law, gained my qualifications and earned my stripes at a high-profile ‘magic circle’ firm in London. It involved many disciplines in corporate law, but real estate was my focus.

Later, my mother’s heritage provided an opportunity for me to live and work in Australia – and I grasped that with both hands, taking up a role in Sydney.

Then, in the mid-2000s, I found myself on the hunt to buy some property of my own. It was exciting and I seemed to have such a knack for sourcing and securing real estate that friends asked me to help them find opportunities and negotiate contracts.

It was a revelation.

Point of difference

I’d discovered something I enjoyed, that utilised my talents and was more rewarding for me than corporate law.

I did the research and discovered buyer’s agents were an up-and-coming profession. I needed to do this now before the opportunity passed me by.

But there was one industry perception that created a hurdle. While looking to gain a foothold, many of the businesses I approached weren’t interested in employing me as an ex-lawyer because, “You need real estate sales experience to become a buyer’s agent.”

I set out to prove this was nonsense and decided my background would be a point of difference. I wanted to prove that working in real estate required more than just years of selling houses. I was certain a keen, professional mind drawing on high level analytical and negotiation skills acquired in the legal field would be perfect for the job.

I hung a shingle and established Buyers Domain, opening the doors to my first client in 2010.

Exciting times in 2019

A decade later and the business has exceeded expectations – but to stay out front you can’t afford to stand still.

Buyer’s Domain has become Sydney’s go-to buyers agency for busy professionals seeking representation by a high-level property professional with a diverse background and laser-focused skills in analysis and negotiation – but there was more we could offer.

Years of investor clients coming back to us after purchases and asking if we’dbe able to manage their assets going forwards led us to establish Buyer’s Domain Property Management.

Another growing area for Buyer’s Domain has been in commercial real estate acquisitions. Our clients have evolved along with our business, and we continue to meet the needs of their changing investment requirements. We have sourced and secured commercial properties for a range of religious bodies, medical associations, private schools, corporate bodies and high net worth clients.

Great people help define businesses too, which is why our newest team member, Eddie Wong joined Buyer’s Domain as a buyer’s agent after spending 20 years in the valuation industry. Eddie brings the essential skills of assessment and market knowledge to the role. He’s a perfect fit for our company’s values and our point of difference.

New look

All this growth sees Buyers Domain enter a new era, and to mark this progress, we’ve decided to revisit our branding. The burgundy red of the old logo was chosen at the time as the most suitable colour to communicate trust, security, professionalism and knowledge whilst conveying a warm and homely feel akin to relaxing in a deep red chesterfield couch in front of a cracking fireplace. Ten years on and we felt that although we stand for the same principles, a change to our branding was necessary.

We wanted the company’s new look to reflect our evolutionary change. One that doesn’t shun the past but, instead, pays respect to our core values while still conveying our modern approach to property services. And we think our warm blue colours and sharp modern design fit the brief perfectly.

Our branding reflects a shift in zeitgeist where the services of a buyer’s agent are no longer a mystery, but have become a mainstay for property stakeholders who understand the value of employing a property representative with years of experience.

Setting the bar high

By setting and maintaining our own high professional standards, we  ensure our clients receive the very best professional and independent advice founded on honesty and integrity. We remain focussed on our core areas of expertise, continuing to build on relationships in order to benefit our clients and put their needs first.

Experienced buyer’s agent Nick Viner has extensive knowledge of property in the Inner West, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs. He can help you find a property that will offer future capital growth as well as the features you desire. Contact Nick now on 0405 134 645.

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