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You really do need to be hard-edged when making an investment property choice. Sentiment, intuition and vague intention have no place in any decision made in this arena. The best buying decisions are professionally made, and Buyer’s Domain is the consummate professional.

Recipient of the 2012 REINSW Award for Excellence, as Sydney’s premier Buyer’s Agent, Nick Viner (Buyer’s Domain) served for 10 years as a property lawyer before crossing over into the buyer’s domain. He specialises in property investment in the Sydney market, where his strike rate in securing properties at below market value is highly regarded by his peers.

Buyer’s Domain recommends prospective property investors ask themselves a few fundamental questions:

  1. Would I be confident of making an accurate assessment of a property’s value?
  2. Have I got the time to review dozens of properties, and what expertise do I have?
  3. Am I in a position to carry out due diligence on a property, and what does this involve?
  4. Am I a good negotiator with a proven track record?
  5. Do I know why the vendor is selling the property (because this information could greatly increase bargaining power)?
  6. If it’s an apartment, do I know where to access and how to evaluate a strata report?
  7. What level of strata fees should I expect to pay?

If you want a sharp, hard-edged investment, with low risk and best returns, you would be well advised to speak to Buyer’s Domain.

To maximise the return on your investment, consider using Buyer’s Domain Property Management.

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