Nick Viner is a genius, simply put. We’ve recently had the pleasure of purchasing our second property under the guidance of Nick. We were slightly sceptical as to whether Nick could reach the heights of the service he offered with our original purchase some years ago in Leichhardt, but he absolutely exceeded everything we thought possible.

There are so many superlatives that describe Nick; the best from our point of view is that his integrity is absolutely unimpeachable. From the very first meeting you’ll understand that Nick is a fellow who holds your best interests as dearly as his own. His joy at successfully completing a mission is palpable and it makes the world of difference to share the overwhelming experience of buying a house with a person who invests emotionally in your journey.

If you consider the services available in society that you utilise, such as a mechanic for you car, a plumber, a doctor, all specifically trained and devoted to their fields, then why wouldn’t you use the very best in the business when making the very biggest decision of your life.

Invest in Nick Viner and the team at Buyer’s Domain. It will – definitely and absolutely – change your life.


After the arrival of our second child we knew we needed to start thinking about a move to a bigger house and we kept a very close eye on the property market for a 12 months in the lead up to taking the plunge. At that time, we started to feel like we had been priced out of the suburbs we wanted to live in and were feeling apprehensive about selling and buying.

We engaged Nick hoping to have an advantage over all the other young families looking at the same houses each weekend.

We really feel like this paid off for us. Nick found us a house in record time at the right price and on terms that we wouldn’t have thought to ask for ourselves.

An obvious reason for engaging a buyers agent is the time saving involved but what isn’t as obvious is the confidence of having an objective and unemotional partner in the process and someone who knows the local market deeply.

In our case, Nick had been engaged just a week when we found a property that ticked most of our boxes and represented good value in the long term. After an emotional Saturday crunching the numbers and the dates, we decided not to make an offer (post auction) because of the size of the renovation and the timings, which didn’t work so well with our sales plan. Nick encouraged us to take the weekend to think it over and asked what we would need to get it over the line if we did want to persue it. Under his guidance we made a reasonable offer and Nick was successful in securing us a 14 week settlement to make it work for our financial situation.

We’re delighted with the result. We have a much larger home than we expected to find, in our preferred suburb and the renovations are in plan. It’s a home that will work for us when the toddlers turn to teenagers and eventually move to the granny flat, where I suspect they will I’ve until they are 40+ based on housing affordability.

We would highly recommend Nick and Buyers Domain, they’ve brought to the table value above and beyond the fee. It was a sound investment.

Rachel and Gregg, Drummoyne

“We hired Nick at Buyers Domain to negotiate on a property we had seen ourselves, but weren’t sure we could (or should) buy. Nick was amazing. He not only helped us assess what the price should be, but he handled all the communication with the selling agent. Including negotiating on price. I am confident that without his help we would either have missed out on buying our house – or paid significantly more for it. Nick provides a great mix of professionalism and humanity. In these emotionally charged time of buying property, it is just so wonderful to have someone by your side who provides wise counsel and compassionate support. We have used Nick’s services in the past, to buy an investment unit through our super fund, and now to buy our family home. We won’t buy any type of property in the future without enlisting Nick’s help. So obviously, we would recommend him without any hesitation. ”

Nicola and Charlie, Northern Beaches

“I had been looking for a property for over a year before engaging Nick. Working with Nick was excellent. He was extremely responsive and spent a great amount of time with me to work through what I wanted. He showed me properties and areas that I would not have thought of considering had I have been searching without his help – it was one of these properties that ended up being the perfect home for me. Best of all, Nick saved me loads of time as he filtered everything by viewing it first, provided research on prices and properties within the areas I was interested in, he dealt with all the estate agents, arranged inspections etc. I was very happy with Nick and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to purchase a home. ”

Swati Johri, Lilyfield

“Nick helped me buy my first property in Sydney. Before I found Nick, I attempted this task on my own and it was daunting, time consuming and incredibly overwhelming. Had I not found Nick, I am almost positive that I would not have secured the fantastic harbour side apartment I now own in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. I could not be happier with the help that Nick provided – he basically guided and supported me through the whole process – at no point did I feel exposed, unprepared or ill informed about anything. He familiarised himself with the type of apartment I was looking for and found properties for me to view, he had excellent relationships with the real estate agents which was a huge plus as I find real estate agents tricky to deal with. My hat goes off to Nick, he really has a knack for this stuff and it is no wonder that he is one of the best in this field of expertise.”

Kathryn, Eastern Suburbs

“Like I suspect most of Nick’s clients, we were particular about what we were after and demanding in terms of getting value for money. Whilst I feel as though we ultimately achieved this end, there were two key elements Nick brought to the table which I hadn’t anticipated, that I believe led to our successful property search.

Firstly, Nick gathered through an extensive interview a deep understanding of our underlying requirements so that when we came to ultimately deciding whether to go ahead with our purchase, he was able to give a well thought through, fact based, market driven opinion as to whether this represented value and was indeed the property for us. Second, and equally as important, was Nick’s ability to manage the off-market negotiation with the sales agent in quick time, which ultimately put the vendor under pressure to make a decision – pressure that I believe led to us ending our 7 month run of unsuccessful property searching.

We instructed Nick on a Sunday night and had exchanged contracts within 4 days – this ability to execute a deal quickly is critical in today’s strong property market and set us aside from other buyers. Frankly, Nick is worth his weight in gold.”

Matt, Rozelle

“Using a buyers agent was something we were a bit skeptical about at the start, but in hindsight we really think it would have been just about impossible for us to buy our house without Nick’s help. As we are currently living overseas, Nick made it possible for us to move quickly in securing the home we wanted by handling the negations for us, if we didn’t use Nick I think the process of buying a house in such a boom market would have been very difficult. We would thoroughly recommend Nick to anyone looking for a buyer’s agent.”

Tony & Keshena Thornleigh

“We had been looking at purchasing an investment property in Sydney, particularly Inner West for 2 years. Having been losing bidder a number of times and becoming quite disheartened with the process we engaged Nick Viner from Buyers Domain.

We met with Nick, gave him our brief and he began looking for properties immediately. Nick showed us four properties and had secured one within weeks of our first meeting. We believe it was Nicks negotiating skills and knowledge of true values in a ‘hot’ Sydney market that ensured our success.

Nick was then able to introduce us to solicitors in Sydney and tradesmen to assist after settlement.

Nick’s honesty, integrity and communication to us were second to none. We would highly recommend Buyers Domain to anyone seeking property especially in this market.”

Ben & Catherine, Inner West

“Nick Viner helped us purchase a home in early 2015. He was fantastic, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to buy property. The Sydney market is overwhelming and stressful, but Nick helped us proceed calmly and systematically. He was very patient in explaining things, and spent a lot of time with us to find out what we needed.

Finally, he helped us buy before auction at a very good price. In fact, I think that we saved money overall by using Nick’s services as what we saved on the house price was much more than the cost of his fee. Nick saved us money, but he also helped our sanity with his calm negotiations and insight into the market. I can’t speak highly enough of his work.”

Cameron and Clare, Earlwood

“My husband and I decided to use a buyer’s agent for the purchase of our first property as we were very particular about what we were after, are time poor and wanted to ensure that we were paying the right price. We had commenced the search for our first home a number of times over the years and always ended up frustrated and disheartened.

Nick Viner from Buyer’s Domain was absolutely fantastic and made it happen, I couldn’t recommend him enough. I have no doubt in my mind that we would not have been able to secure the property we wanted at the price we paid without Nick’s help (the property we secured was not even on the market!)

Nick was there to assist every step of the way. He was always available to chat and answer questions and went above and beyond to make the purchase seamless and stress free.

If you are thinking of purchasing a property in Sydney you should definitely give Nick a call.”

Erin P, Leichhardt

“My wife and I needed to move fast, especially given the current climate in Sydney’s inner west property market. We engaged Nick after seeking advice from another other estate agent and were not disappointed in anyway. Nick’s advice was sound, his research was thorough and my wife and I were very comfortable and happy with Nick representing us. We originally engaged Nick to bid for us at auction, but we ended up securing the property with Nick’s help prior to auction. I would not hesitate in recommending Nick’s services to any of my friends or family (and I already have).”

Justin & Jennifer, Newtown

“For the purchase of my first property I decided to use a buyer’s agent as I wanted to make sure I had done my homework properly plus working full time meant I didn’t have the time to do all the research and attend the numerous viewings required when buying property. I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Nick from our first meeting right up until the day I moved in. Nick was there the whole step of the way from setting up initial viewings to attending the final strata inspection. Through his connections and reputation in the market I was able to view many properties that would otherwise not have been available to me had I not used Buyer’s Domain. He kept me informed about everything on a regular basis by phone and email and was able to provide me with unbiased advice in regards to mortgage brokers and property lawyers. Through Nick’s connections in the market and his experience in working in the highly competitive Sydney market, I was able to successfully find my dream home a lot quicker than I had ever imagined possible. I would definitely recommend using a buyer’s agent and in particular Nick Viner who goes above and beyond his role of a buyer’s agent.”

Lisa, Randwick

“Nick Viner of Buyers Domain was recommended to me by my Financial Advisor as Nick had assisted a number of his clients with purchasing investment property. My wife and I both work full time and were very keen to look into using a property agent to assist us in locating and purchasing an investment property. We cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Nick from our initial meetings, property assessment documentation, property inspections, right through to and including the purchase of our investment property. Nick was at all times professional, knowledgeable and totally impartial with his advice and recommendations. Through Nick’s expertise we were able to secure a highly sought after property in the inner western suburbs of Sydney at well below reserve price which more than compensated for Nick’s fee for service. We wouldn’t hesitate to both recommend Buyer’s Domain to friends and family and also employ Nick’s services again in the future.”

Brent & Wendy, Marrickville

“We had some reservations about using a buyer’s agent but cannot thank Nick enough for his hard work and commitment. It has been a very positive experience and we gained value from Nick’s services in unexpected areas – buying in a rising market with high demand and limited supply, Nick ensured that we exchanged contracts in a time-frame and manner that we could never have achieved ourselves. It made all the difference in securing the house we wanted and Nick didn’t rest until settlement had been completed. His steady and professional counsel was appreciated during a challenging and emotive period.”

Robert & Becky, Manly Vale

“We were searching on and off for a house for almost two years before we engaged Nick. We were feeling pretty deflated in our search as the Sydney property market continued to grow. Nick was great to work with, going above and beyond – he took the time to understand our property needs as well as getting to know us. We found the experience invaluable and would highly recommend Buyer’s Domain to anyone.”

Tristan & Belinda, Northmead

“Nick Viner was referred to me by a friend that works in the real estate industry. I am time poor and had already gone through the process of searching / locating appropriate properties and subsequently investing in searches and bidding at auctions, only to be the under bidder and see that money go down the drain. I felt there must be a better way, I met Nick and felt that his approach was worth trying. The benefit Nick of having Nick on my team was that he grabbed the brief and got focused on my needs. After some initial familiarisation Nick then went into engagement mode with the agents, particularly in regard to how to take the property off the market and get a positive outcome for me. The end result was a new investment property for me, settled and with a tenant, all within 3 months of engaging Nick. Do the sums, do your homework on the market and then contact Nick!”

Bette, Leichhardt

“Nick played an integral part in enabling us to fulfil our dream of buying a family home. He offered up a varied range of properties, gave us insight into the current state of the property market and most importantly, made us think outside the box. Ultimately we bought a home that we dreamed of but never thought we would get. Nick’s due diligence was exemplary and unexpected.”

Brett & Roberta, Five Dock

“Nick recently represented us in purchasing our house. We live in Hong Kong and only viewed the house for 30 minutes. Nick negotiated the price, oversaw the inspections and provided us with relevant market data. The true testimony of the value of Nick for us was that at settlement the Real Estate agent said if this had house had gone to auction and Nick did not negotiate as well as he did we may have paid another $100,000 on the purchase price we bought for. We would not hesitate to use Nick again in the future or recommend his service to others.”

Fay, Five Dock

“Using a buyer’s agent for the first time to find an investment property was a new and very satisfying experience. We were absolutely thrilled with every aspect of the service provided by Nick Viner. It definitely made the process stress free and time effective. Nick was a pleasure to deal with at every stage of the process. He helped us find the perfect property, did all the bidding on our behalf and enabled us to purchase it prior to auction. We would have no hesitation in using Nick again and highly recommend Buyers Domain.”

Paul and Mary, Sydney

“Nick, as you are aware, we made things difficult for ourselves by planning to purchase a property in Sydney while living in New Zealand. Nevertheless, throughout the process you displayed unending patience and professionalism and we achieved our goal eventually. It is my feeling that without you we would have given up the search long ago. I truly believe you saved us, and Amelia, an enormous amount of time and stress through the service you provided and your willingness to go the extra mile. Thank you so much for being there for us!”

Phil & Sue Marshall, Surry Hills

“Nick, how can we ever thank you enough. You took our brief on board, assured us you would be able to find something suitable in 3-6 months and you delivered, above and beyond our expectations. We are indebted to you for finding us the property we now own and this would not have been possible without your tremendous knowledge and experience in this competitive market. It was worth using a Buyers Agent and I recommend your service to anyone who is having second thoughts.

Thank you again!”

Geoff & Jenny, Alexandria

“Nick has been a great help with the whole process of buying a property. Starting with organizing viewings, right through to dealing with estate agents and helping me secure the right property at the right price. His advice has been invaluable. I doubt if I would have had as stress free an experience in purchasing my new home without Nick’s service, and in a much faster time than I had expected!

Nick has great attention to detail and truly works for the buyer. I would not hesitate recommending Buyers Domain. ”

Kwok, Leichhardt

“I am pleased to say- Nick Viner- from Buyers Domain was very attentive to my key requirements as it pertained to price point, location, capital growth and investment desire/s. He was also very mindful of the fact I am seldom in Australia, so my personal time is minimal. With this difficult criteria and personal conditions, he was able to locate a highly qualified short list of properties for me to assess and make a speedy decision. As I am not based in Australia, he was always prompt to update me on requirements, opportunities and concerns that needed by attention. I would definitely recommend Nick and Buyers Domain. I will be using them on my next property purchase.”

Steven, Randwick

“Nick has been great to spend the necessary amount of time with us to explain the property market in Australia, suburbs profiles with unbiased professional advice. He was able to secure us a great property very quickly and provide the bargaining tricks to secure the property, without sweating. In addition, as foreigners, Nick introduced us to a very valuable network of professional (solicitor, accountant, mortgage broker and others) which have all been very helpful in the process and we are likely to use them again going forward. I would definitively recommend Nick. ”

Yann & Lucenda, Forest Lodge

“When I met Nick, he thought he could find me a home within 4 months. Within 2 months of our initial meeting, I purchased my first home. To top it off, Nick arranged a 4 week settlement period, ensuring I could move in to it as soon as possible! I literally saved thousands of dollars purchasing an inner city apartment – all thanks to Nick, and I could not be happier.

Nick is professional, courteous, astute, driven, and very well engaged with his clients in order to ensure he fulfils their requirements when making the biggest purchase of their lives.
Nick really took the time to understand my personal situation and circumstances. He was always available to take my calls or answer my questions and I was pleasantly surprised by how many doors opened for me when house inspecting, all because Nick was with me through the process.

If you’re a first home buyer looking for an edge or an insight into the property market, or an astute investor who doesn’t have the time to continually view and inspect properties, I’d ask you to consider Nick. I put my trust in him and he over exceeded my expectations making the purchase as seamless and simple as possible.

Nick took the time to teach me things along the way, giving me insights into the depth of his property knowledge. I will be forever grateful that Nick found me my dream home and I definitely will be using his expertise again when I decide to purchase my next home. Thank you Nick!”

Raoul Gaynor, Alexandria

“We spent many years deliberating over trying to find a suitable city apartment and after engaging your services, we were able to secure at auction, the apartment we really wanted on the first attempt! Through your professional approach and expertise in this area, we now own our apartment which was proving to be almost impossible due to time restrictions and living out of the city.”

Chris & Maxine Green, Potts Point

“We were looking to enter the Sydney real estate market as investors having spent many years abroad. Nick Viner was referred to us as a Buyers Agent that could help us with this task. As we were only in Sydney for a short time we agreed to work with Nick and the challenge was that he located an investment property for us before we returned overseas.

Nick did not disappoint. He listened patiently to our requirements and provided us with the necessary information and updates relating to the Sydney property market. It was clear to us that he was doing all he could to meet the challenge not to mention providing regular updates and organising viewings for us in a structured way that allowed us to managed our schedules effectively.

Nick was extremely well organised, always on time and delivered what he promised. Not only did we leave with an investment property but Nick also helped us in securing our own home for our return to Sydney – a challenge that we asked him to help with during the last week of our 1 month stay.

Nick negotiated on our behalf and his skills were second to none. Not only that, but he managed and organised both settlements whilst we were abroad ensuring all property inspections necessary were completed. Meeting with solicitors and bankers was also not a problem and a task that we very much appreciated Nick stepping into on our behalf.

Based on our experience we were not surprised that Buyers Domain were awarded the 2012 Real Estate Award for Buyers’ Agent Excellence – well done Nick.

Nick delivered much more than what we expected and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for real estate investments or for your own private home.”

Brian and Vicki Power, Breakfast Point

“Buying an investment property with the help of Buyers Domain was a valuable and enjoyable experience. Nick Viner spent the time understanding what I was looking for and provided me the financial and other information I needed. He has a very good understanding of the property market, an excellent network of contacts and undertakes thorough research to help you find the right property. Nick assisted in securing a property quickly and at the right price by coordinating building inspections, legal advice and undertaking liaison with agents. He even helped with finding a managing agent so that I could get a tenant signed up prior to the end of the 4 week settlement! Nick’s enthusiasm and professionalism made buying a property an entirely positive experience, and I am very pleased to recommend Buyers Domain.”

Bruce Lean, Lewisham

“We were absolutely delighted. The process was so smooth and efficient and Nick kept us informed all along the way. Nick saved us huge amounts of time and money. Now we have a great investment property that is already rented out and taking care of itself. We are looking forward to engaging Nick to find the next one.”

Nicola Deakin & Charlie O’Connor, Dulwich Hill

“Nick assisted us successfully secure an investment property in Thornleigh. With the help of Nick’s extensive network of contacts, we were able to derive further value from the investment property to convert it into a positive cash flow investment, far exceeding our expectations. This is the first stage of our property investment journey and we were put at ease in what can normally be a nerve-racking process due to Nick’s expert advice ensuring our best interests were served at all times. His energy, enthusiasm and market intelligence was extremely comforting to have at hand.

Based on our experience, we will be working closely with Nick to further expand our property investment portfolio.”

Merle Mendonca, Thornleigh

“We had a fantastic experience working with you since our first meeting. We especially appreciated your hard work in such a short timeframe and the fact we were able to go on holiday with the confidence of having you represent us at auction. Your approach at auction was very impressive and we have no doubt that you secured the property for us at a lower price than we could have done ourselves.”

Brad & Winny Wilson, Ashfield

“Nick Viner provided precisely the type of service I was after. I had thought about buying an investment property for some time, but had limited time to research and view properties. Nick was professional and easy to deal with and carefully explained his reasons for choosing a particular property. When I made the decision to purchase, Nick acted efficiently and negotiated a purchase price significantly below the original asking price. I would happily recommend Nick’s services, especially for people who are time poor.”

Marcus Ryan, Randwick

“We would highly recommend Nick Viner for anyone wishing to purchase property. His knowledge of the property market in the inner Sydney area is exceptional. He did an outstanding job under the circumstances of us in Brisbane, our daughter overseas, liaising via emails and phone calls to secure the property that met our daughter’s requirements. Our experience in dealing with Nick could not be faulted. Sincere thanks from Cathy & Dave…Luv the unit and location.”

Dave & Cathy Hanlen, Annandale

“After ten years of half-hearted searching for a house (whilst travelling overseas, eating out and embarking on many adventures) our patient mortgage broker suggested we speak to Nick, especially as we now had children and we wanted to get more settled.

Nick impressed us immediately, and true to his word we had properties being forwarded for consideration within 24 hours. With a budget of $850,000, Nick found us a property within three weeks that fulfilled all our criteria for $575,000 – and that’s in Sydney! Nick was a haggling demon.

A buyers agent is perfect for the time-poor, and in our case, it well and truly paid for itself. However be warned, if you engage Nick, you will be moving house sooner than you think!”

Ed & Laelene Parker, Sydney

“I would highly recommend Buyers Domain to anyone seeking to acquire a property for investment or primary place or residence. Having been incredibly frustrated with the nuances of the Sydney property market for some time, Nick was able to provide guidance, advice, quantitative and qualitative data, and great outcome with a property purchase that met my needs and most importantly my budget, and finally a skill set to navigate the process of buying real estate which an average consumer does not possess. I found Nick incredibly professional, able to deliver strong relationships with sellers agents, and a pleasure to deal with.”

Tim Harris, Marrickville

“We used Nick of Buyer’s Domain to assist us with the purchase of an investment property. Nick was very helpful, knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. He helped manage us through what turned out to be a tricky conveyancing. The investment property has proven to be a great investment. We had it rented before settlement.”

Penny Wolf & Neil O’Malley, Summer Hill

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Buyers Domain and in particular Nick Viner in assisting us with the purchase of our investment property. Nick was very well presented and thoroughly professional in all our meetings. He was accessible at all times and he provided us with all the information which he said he would and followed up all questions and enquiries we made. We would recommend Buyers Domain as our experience has proven to be pleasant and the result which we desired.”

Steven and Alexia Powney, Castle Hill

“We had been looking to buy a property for at least 2 years but never had any success. We had traipsed around literally hundreds of properties and missed out on a few we liked. Without really knowing what we were doing, we made offers which were rejected and attended auctions only to see the prices sail above our limit. Looking back, we now realise we had just been stabbing in the dark. When we eventually found the right property, we knew that we needed to engage the services of a professional buyers agent to make sure the property did not slip through our fingers. We engaged Nick Viner because of his impressive background and professionalism. He inspected the property, told us what he thought it was worth, organised a building and pest inspection report and liaised with the solicitor and our broker. He managed the process for us saving us valuable time. He negotiated the lowest price for us and even met up with us well after business hours so that we could sign the Contract which he delivered to the agent the next morning. The whole experience was so easy. Nick successfully secured the property for us and we have now moved into our new home. Our only regret is not engaging Nick earlier. He would have saved us even more time, money and stress!”

Vivek & Jey, Ryde

“We had been looking for our first house to buy for over a year and had lost out in numerous auctions and negotiations. In a really competitive market it was great to have Nick’s help to secure the right one at a reasonable price. He gave us good advice about the areas we were targeting and his market appraisals and feedback on the houses we were interested in was very useful. He took care of the negotiation process with the agent making everything easy. It was great to have someone on our side for a change! I would recommend his services to other first time buyers.”

A Seeto and Jane Somerville, Enmore

“Nick stood out as one of the most thorough and professional people we dealt with throughout the process of buying our house. He provided professional advice and was extremely supportive all the way from initial viewing to completion. We have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Doug & Louise, Balgowlah

“After looking for 4 – 5 months, we engaged Buyers Domain to help in our search for a new home. It helped refine our search and saw us actually viewing homes more suited to our criteria. This meant getting time back and in the search process, you want to look at desirable options. We are very happy with our new home.”

Donna & David Ryan, Leichhardt

“Nick’s diligence, commitment and speed at following through in every detail was exceptional. I have no hesitation to use his services again and to recommend his services to others.”

Alex Morcos, Woolloomooloo

“I had been in search of a suitable property for about 3 years. I needed the premises to serve as a new café and my new home. I had what you could call “connections” with several inner city estate agents and did the regular calls to them on a weekly basis. On the rare occasion that I received a call from one of them to view a property, I was left deeply disappointed by their total lack of understanding about what I needed. I wasted 3 years in this fruitless search until I met Nick Viner whom at our first meeting set my mind at ease.

Not only did I find Mr Viner most approachable but more importantly, he was actually interested in me and my needs. My requirements were very specific and I enlisted his services as I was getting desperate but soon realized it was the best money I could have spent. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find him 3 years earlier. Not only did he find a property that exceeded my wildest expectations but he did so within 4 weeks of enlisting him.”

Rod Jones, Revolver Café, Annandale

“For time-poor, first-time home buyers undecided on (a) the type of residential property i.e., house or flat, (b) the suburb, and (c) even the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, Nick from Buyer’s Domain was most helpful in researching and highlighting the pluses and minuses of different properties and suburbs which enabled us to secure the keys to our dream home within six weeks!

We would have absolutely no hesitation in using the services of Buyer’s Domain in the future should we decide to purchase another property and even though we would no longer be first-home buyers.

This is due to Nick’s professional yet friendly manner and careful attention to even the smallest of details in addressing the needs of his clients during the purchase process that involved attending and bidding on our behalf at auctions, liaising with our solicitor and mortgage broker, as well as arranging property inspections prior to exchange of contracts and settlement.”

Phillip Hannah, Newtown

“The question is often asked when is the best time to buy property? Answer is now! We had been actively looking for our second property since March 2010. To find the right property one needs time. Time at the weekend to view all the potential properties, time to coordinate building and pest inspections. Various calls to real estate agents, solicitors, brokers and the list goes on. We found that we just didn’t have the time and made this our number one excuse for not being able to secure an investment property. Something had to change in order for us to reach our goals.

Nick was recommended to us by a financial planner. We first meet with Nick in October 2010 and engaged his services to conduct a property health check and later a full property search. By March 2011 we had secured a great 2 bedroom unit in the Inner West. Throughout the process we found Nick to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and he appeared to have access to a good networking group where he was able to obtain information that helped us with decision making.

We found Nick to be very approachable and he clearly understood our search criteria. I would strongly recommend Nick to any family and friends and hope to engage his services in the future.”

Sinead and Nelius, Kingsford

“Nick assisted me in buying a property in Coogee in August 2010. Nick handled all aspects of the purchase – finding the property, negotiating with the owner, liaising with my mortgage broker and conveyancer, final inspection of the property and handover of the keys.

I had been talking about finding a property for years, but Nick took only 2 weeks to locate and negotiate purchase of the property. I didn’t have to spend every weekend for months looking at property, and the place is exactly what I wanted. The property was originally going to auction, and Nick was able to get the deal done for a reasonable price before auction. This was within 3 days of finding the place I wanted.

A big thanks to Nick – I’m now living the dream in Coogee and I would never have been able to achieve such a great result without him.”

Mark Webster, Randwick

“We engaged Nick to assist us with negotiation on a property we had found. He swung into action quickly, and despite the potential for him to help us make a quick purchase, and thus complete his prepaid services, he advised us that the property was overpriced, a view we ultimately came to share. Within 3 weeks he helped us successfully negotiate and buy a fabulous new home, for approximately $50K less than we would have paid had he not been involved.

Possibly the best endorsement of Nick was offered by the selling agent, who confided to us post settlement that ‘your buyers agent agent did a formidable job – he really went in hard for you guys’. We have no hesitation recommending the services of Nick and Buyers Domain.”

DD, Balgowlah Heights

“I engaged Nick Viner to find my new home in the Eastern Suburbs. I know that my criteria were fairly challenging and one of my main requirements was to have water views.
Within only 2 weeks, Nick found me my dream property through his contacts in the area. As the property was not even listed on the market, I never would have found the property without Nick. Having found the right property, Buyers Domain took care of all the research and negotiations to make the whole transaction as smooth as possible. Not only did Nick find me the right property but he made sure that I bought it for the best possible price.

Nick saved me a huge amount of time, found me the perfect property and made the whole process simple and straight forward. I would be happy to recommend Nick to anyone thinking of buying a property in Sydney.

Thank you Nick!”

DM, Vaucluse

“Nick Viner possesses the characteristics one both requires and desires in someone within the professional service industry: tenacity; professionalism; responsiveness; knowledge and, above all, he is tremendously likeable!

Nick displayed both flexibility & charm when dealing with our frequently-changing wishlist, and had the ability to provide targetted and accurate feedback to our brain-storming sessions. We had a very short timeframe to find and secure a property and Nick went much much further than expected in helping us achieve this goal. Additionally, as we were new to the Australian property market, Nick led us by the hand through the entire process.

Nick appears to be very well known in the inner-west, with real-estate agents recognising his name which, I assume, explains his awareness of properties both on the market, and those yet to be publicly listed. His knowledge of the area – proposed developments, infrastructure changes, demographics – was also very helpful.


Anne & David, Balmain

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you in the recent purchase of my new home! I think that you found me the best possible property for my money.

It’s been a total pleasure taking the journey with you and I will recommend you to anyone buying a home!”

Katherine Wiles, Ashfield

“I am writing to tell you how pleased I am having contracted you as a buyer’s agent to purchase this property. You have maintained a professional vigilance over the transaction and a as consequence have allowed me to be confident that I could purchase a suitable home despite my going through a very busy period at work. I was impressed that you managed to keep an appointment on the day your first child was born! So I’m happy to recommend you to anyone requiring your services.

Best wishes for the future, Nigel.”

Nigel Jones, Sydney

“Working with Nick at Buyers Domain to find our investment property in Wollongong really took the hard work and risk out of finding the right property. Nick demonstrated a detailed understanding of the area and considered many aspects of each property and the surrounding area that we simply would not have thought to consider without his help. Once we had decided on a property, Nick handled the negotiation and we secured the property below the asking price and well below our budget. Great result!”

Iain and Anne, Lake Heights

“It was a pleasure to deal with the team at Buyers Domain, who were friendly, efficient and responsive to our brief. After spending over 12 months looking independently, Buyers Domain provided us with several options and before we knew it we were successful in purchasing our new home!”

Brad & Sarah, Five Dock

“Nick’s energy and his thorough search for local contacts gave us a good result very quickly in a way we could not have done for ourselves. All this comes with a friendly style and actively keeping us in the picture.”

Mr & Mrs A, Leichhardt

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