Need Help Buying A Commercial Property?

There are multiple benefits in buying a commercial investment property over a residential property.

Commercial property covers a number of sectors including retail, office, medical and industrial and the different types of properties range from shops, factories, car parks, warehouses and medical centres.

Buyer’s Domain are specialists in sourcing and acquiring commercial properties and have a wealth of experience in the following areas:

  • Retail Premises
  • Strata Titled Office Suites
  • Medical Suites
  • Shops and Shopping Centres
  • Land Development

Our clients have included:

  • Commercial Investors
  • Commercial Owner-Occupiers
  • Multi-National and
  • International Companies
  • Not-for-Profit Organisations

Compared to residential property, commercial property can suit a wider variety of budgets from an affordable car space to a large shopping centre. The benefits from owning commercial properties include:

  • Commercial rental returns can be significantly higher than returns for residential properties.
  • You can usually secure a longer lease with tenants who have renovated and invested significant capital into the business ensuring long term rental income.
  • Commercial Tenants usually have higher maintenance obligations. Fit-outs are generally at the expense of the tenants, not the owners.
  • The tenants usually pay most of the outgoings such as council rates, strata levies, insurance, land tax and repairs.
  • Depreciation benefits are now more extensive than the depreciation benefits for residential investment properties.

As with any investment, there are risks involved so it is very important to conduct extensive research before you commit to buying a commercial property.

When it comes to selecting the right commercial property, Buyer’s Domain:

  • Have access to a wider range of properties, including off-market properties.
  • Can identify suitable locations and property types that best fit your criteria and requirements.
  • Have the experience, knowledge and market research that will allow you you to make the most informed purchase decision.
  • Will manage the due diligence process to ensure that the property stands up to close scrutiny.
  • Will successfully secure the right commercial property at the best possible price.

If you are serious about acquiring the right commercial property, it pays to get the best advice. Successful property investors recognise that the highest returns are secured through meticulous planning, extensive research and superior negotiation skills. Get the right professional on your side.

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