Our Guide to Investing in Sydney’s Suburb Market in 2024 – What to Know

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In recent years, real estate investors have been flocking to Sydney to capitalise on the abundance of portfolio opportunities. Given the situation of the area’s market as of today, confidence continues to rise for both value growth and rental demand in Sydney. As a result, this puts the city in a dominant position at the top of Australia’s housing market.

With excitement over Sydney’s ever-growing and expansive housing market continuing to rise and more investments beginning to roll out, you may be wondering what the best Sydney suburbs to invest in are for 2024.

Sydney suburbs to invest in for 2024

To make your life as an investor easier, we’ve put together a list of three suburbs that are worth investing in for sizeable returns this year. Keep on reading to find out more.


With its status as one of Sydney’s most established suburbs, Waterloo has seen a reasonable rise in real estate value in recent years. Thanks to its ideal proximity from Sydney’s central business district (CBD) and the airport, Waterloo is situated in an area that’s best for investors who are looking for an investment that’s easy to rent out or flip.

Aside from being an overall desirable place to work in, however, Waterloo also attracts potential tenants because of how easygoing the living situation is in the area. For instance, residents in Waterloo can go over to Danks Street and the East Village shopping centre for a wide array of different activities, all while being within a short distance from the Sydney Metro waterloo station.

Green Square

While it may be considered as a neophyte town centre in Sydney’s residential history, Green Square holds an abundance of opportunities for real estate investors to make serious returns in a few short years. The Green Square suburb is composed of revitalised sections from Zetland, Rosebery, Alexandria, Waterloo, and Beaconsfield. This goes to show that it takes all the best parts of urban living in Sydney.

It is worth noting, however, that Green Square is best for real estate investors who are looking to hold their properties in the long run. Researchers estimated that Green Square is set to house 61,000 residents within the next decade while being well on its way towards becoming Sydney’s most populous suburb by 2031 with a slate population growth rate of 5.1 per cent.


Another up-and-coming suburb that investors should watch out for in Sydney is the ever-expansive Eastlakes development. According to statistics, it has obtained a steady and desirable annual growth average of 8.16 per cent within the last decade. This is a clear sign that this suburb is going to be one of Sydney’s most populous villages in the near future. With its close proximity of eight kilometres from the Sydney CBD and a recent billion-dollar development called Eastlakes Live, the suburb of Eastlakes will continue to maintain its status as a “hidden gem” in East Sydney.

Given the fact that Sydney’s real estate market continues to rise above the ranks and set itself as Australia’s prime residential area, the city’s suburbs are definitely worth investing your hard-earned money in. If you’re new to the idea of investing in Sydney’s ever-expansive real estate market, get in touch with our buyer’s agent Sydney to see how we can help.

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