3 Suburbs in the Sydney NSW Areas Worth Investing In – What to Know

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Thanks to solid rates of capital growth, Australia’s real estate industry has been regarded as one of the most prevalent “blue-chip” markets in the world. 

With lower entry and exit costs as well as favourable tax implications, real estate investors from all around the world and Australians alike have fewer hurdles when it comes to staking their claim in Australia’s property market. 

A list of must-follow suburbs to invest in

If you’re looking to jump right into making your fortune in Australia’s property sometime soon, here are some of NSW and Sydney’s most lucrative suburbs you should consider investing in:


Given the fact that it’s only half an hour away from Australia’s central business district and the ever-exciting Centennial Park, Kensington has established itself as one of the top areas to watch out for due to its convenient location. Known for a lifestyle that combines both work and play (because it’s also near Sydney’s eastern beaches), Kensington is a highly sought-after suburb for both new and old investors alike who seek areas with growing interest due to its burgeoning student population and improved amenity and transport thanks to the Light Rail extension. 

Crows Nest 

Should you find yourself seeking a property that’s worth investing in for both the short and long term, then it’s ideal to set your sights towards Crows Nest with its village-style atmosphere and steadily increasing market value. Though it was once a sleepy town, Crows Nest has now become a hub for culture, family fun, and even nightlife experiences as it is packed with trendy bars, award-winning restaurants, and a variety of significant upgrades, such as the Woolworths refurbishment and the new Metro. 

Bellevue Hill

Sometimes known as the “Beverly Hills” of Sydney, Bellevue Hill holds a wide range of investment opportunities for anyone who is looking to make a fortune in one of the country’s classiest pockets in the market. As a hot suburb that’s situated in an area that’s a stone’s throw away from Double Bay and only 10 minutes away from Bondi Beach, Bellevue Hill is the perfect location for budding investors who are looking to flip quickly in the short and long terms. 

Final words

With an increasing number of real estate opportunities, Sydney is packed with many suburbs that are guaranteed to yield a fortune for any smart investor. If you’ve been meaning to build your real estate portfolio at bargain prices with higher levels of growth ensured in the next few years, check out the 3 suburbs mentioned in this list!  

If you’re looking for a buyer’s agent to help you invest in Sydney and NSW, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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