How to Inspect Home Renovations in a Property You Want to Buy

Whenever you’re looking for a house to buy, don’t forget to look at the renovations that previous homeowners did to their home. After all, not only do they boost the home’s aesthetics, but they may also increase the property value of the house. With that said, it is vital to consider every small detail in a potential home’s renovation. Don’t forget that the vendor is presenting the property for sale and may well have undertaken a recent renovation cheaply to make the property look good.

But it could be a cheap renovation that will need to be re-done. So, make sure you are not paying extra for a property because of a renovation that is not worth the money.

Here are some things you should look out for when inspecting home renovations in a property you want to buy.

Check the Kitchen Aesthetics

Kitchens are one of the most important features to check, not least because they can be one of the most expensive parts of a property to renovate. As a potential buyer, you would feel deterred to see a kitchen space looking old, grimy, and greasy. For that reason, it is best to find a home with a newly renovated kitchen filled with fresh but neutral colours, and plenty of bench and cupboard space.

However, if the kitchen looks new, it can be difficult to spot whether the vendor has spent well on a good kitchen that will last or whether it is a cheap job that will deteriorate quickly. Some useful tips on spotting a good kitchen are:

  • Check how well the cupboards and drawers open and close.
  • Check if the drawers are soft close.
  • How well designed is the kitchen in terms of functionality?
  • What brand are the appliances? If the appliances are non-branded, it could be an indication the seller has not invested in a good quality kitchen. Conversely, if the owner has spent money on high end appliances like Smeg, Miele and Gaggenau, it is less likely they will have saved money on a cheap kitchen.

Scrutinise the Bathroom’s Beauty and Functionality

Another big ticket item to check is the bathroom, which, amongst other things, houses the most bacteria and dirt in the entire home. Examine if the owners re-tiled the floor, especially if they look worn out and yellowish. Also, check if they replaced old bathroom counters and handles because this will give the space a clean new look to any potential buyers. The owners might have upgraded the plumbing system to fix any recurring problems, so you may want to check this out too.

Unfortunately, bathrooms do not last forever. The waterproofing for the membrane under the bathroom tiles is usually guaranteed only for about 5 years. So over time, the waterproof membrane will deteriorate causing water to leak through the tiles and into the floor or subfloor below. Water leaks can be notoriously costly to fix. So, it is essential that you invest in a building and pest inspection report that should reveal any issues with the bathroom and other parts of the house before you buy.

Examine the Landscaping and Garden

In case you didn’t know, garden landscapes can increase the property value of homes tremendously. It also helps establish an excellent first impression on your eyes too. You don’t need to find a home with extreme landscaping, though, because a simple well-maintained lawn can be enough to make a home more conducive for living.

Check for Repaint Jobs—Exteriors Included

The most economical thing owners can do to their homes to make it look more appealing and fresher to your eyes as a potential buyer is to repaint its interiors and exteriors. It would be a huge plus if they hired professional painters to do the job using top quality paints because you can rest assured the work will last.

Remember though that paint can be used to hide cracks and damage and a multitude of sins! So once again, it is essential to obtain a building and pest inspection report to reveal important defects before you buy the property.


If you follow the mentioned guide above, you will increase your chances of buying the home of your dreams. Before buying your next property, you should consult with a buyer’s agent in Sydney who will find and suggest several houses with renovations that suit your style. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you find the right property in Sydney.

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