Advantages of a Buyers Agent

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Uncovering the Best Areas for Property Investment in Sydney

As a leading buyer’s agent in the vibrant Inner West suburbs of Sydney, at Buyer’s Domain, we possess a deep understanding of the Sydney property market. Our expertise is particularly valuable for property investors looking to capitalise on opportunities in one of the world’s most dynamic real estate environments. In

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How Easily Can We Predict Property Prices?

In recent months, the housing market has improved with property prices slightly increasing across the country. Property prices in Sydney have grown 3% since the January trough according to CoreLogic. Given the interest rate rises and earlier media predictions of doom and gloom, this statistic may seem surprising in itself.

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What’s changing to the first home buyer incentives in NSW?

The recent change to the NSW State Government following the election on 25 March, 2023 is important news for first home buyers in NSW because Labor proposes drastic changes to the first home buyer incentives. To rewind, the Liberal Party introduced the First Home Buyer Choice which currently allows first

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The Benefits of Working with a Professional Buyer’s Agent in Sydney

Purchasing a property in Sydney can be an exciting yet daunting experience, especially in today’s competitive market. With soaring prices, limited inventory, and fierce competition, navigating the complex world of real estate on your own can be overwhelming. This is where a professional buyer’s agent comes in. At Buyer’s Domain,

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How a Sydney Buyer’s Agent Can Help You Find Your Dream Home

As a property buyer’s agent in Leichhardt, in the heart of Sydney’s vibrant Inner West, we at Buyer’s Domain understand the importance of finding the perfect home for our clients. When searching for a property close to the CBD, there are several key aspects where a buyer’s agent can provide

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What is a Buyer’s Agent?

The role of a buyer’s agent is to act on behalf of the property buyer in finding, researching, negotiating and securing the right property; they are effectively the reverse of a selling agent who acts for the seller. The services may vary from buyer’s agent to buyer’s agent because the

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