Sydney Property Market Briefing

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Exclusive information evening for Law Society Members on Tuesday 16 August 5:30pm (for a 6:00pm start) – 7:00pm, at the offices of the Law Society of NSW, Level 3, 170 Phillip Street Sydney.

Bob Cunneen, Senior Economist for AMP will discuss Australia’s performance since the Global Financial Crisis and its prospects for the coming years. He will look at the domestic and international factors impacting consumer borrowing and spending, including interest rate trends, China and India’s rapid development, America’s fragile house market and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis.

Nick Viner from Buyers Domain Sydney property Buyers Agent will discuss the Sydney property market outlook, current property market trends and the right places to live and buy. He will also discuss the pitfalls in buying a property and provide tips on handling discussions with real estate agents.

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