What You Need to Know About Investing in a House and Land Package in Sydney

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Investing in real estate is a significant decision, and with the myriad of options available, it is crucial to weigh up the pros and cons before diving in. Among the popular choices for property investors in Sydney are house and land packages. This comprehensive article will explore the benefits and risks associated with buying a house and land package. Whether you are a first home buyer, taking your first step into property investment or seeking to broaden your investment horizons, this post will provide you with essential insights into making an informed decision about house and land packages.


The Sydney property market is renowned for its resilience and potential for significant capital growth. As property investors, it is crucial to understand the nuances of different investment strategies which include house and land packages. These packages can be an attractive option, offering the chance to buy land and build a property that meets current market demands while potentially yielding significant financial rewards.

Benefits of Investing in a House and Land Package in Sydney

Financial Incentives and Tax Benefits

Investing in a new house and land package in Sydney can offer several financial incentives. One of the most immediate benefits is the potential savings on stamp duty. In New South Wales, investors only pay stamp duty on the land component of the package, not the house, which can result in substantial savings compared to buying an existing house and land. There are also first home buyer benefits that may apply. Additionally, new properties come with depreciation benefits, allowing investors to offset the cost of the building and fixtures against their taxable income. This can enhance the potential for positive cash flow, making it an attractive option for investors.

High Demand and Growth Potential

Sydney’s population is continuously growing, leading to an increased demand for housing. This population growth, coupled with the city’s historical property value trends, suggests that investing in a house and land package has potential for long-term capital growth. By investing in areas with high demand, investors can look forward to robust rental returns and the possibility of substantial property value increases over time.

Tenants Love New Homes

The allure of a brand-new property is undeniable. Tenants are often drawn to the modern features, energy efficiency, and the untouched nature of new homes. This can make finding a tenant relatively straightforward, and as a result, rental returns can be strong, providing a steady income stream for investors.


One of the significant advantages of a new house and land package is the minimal maintenance required in the initial years. Everything from the appliances to the building structure is brand new, which should mean fewer repair costs and headaches for you.

Customization and Control

One of the most appealing aspects of house and land packages is the level of customization and control they offer. Investors have the opportunity to design components of the investment property to suit the current market needs, potentially making the property more attractive to tenants and future buyers. This control can lead to a more targeted investment strategy and can help maximise returns.

Risks of Investing in House and Land Packages

Paying for the Developer’s Profit

It is important to remember that new properties come with a developer’s profit margin built into the price. High marketing costs associated with selling these types of properties can also inflate the price. Additionally, hidden costs could equate to a few years’ worth of capital growth, impacting the long-term profitability of your investment.

Compromised Location

The majority of house and land packages are located on the outskirts of the city. These areas often have weaker economic drivers and lack the infrastructure found in more established suburbs. Consequently, capital growth can be harder to achieve, making these locations less desirable for long-term investment.


Investing in a new build carries a degree of uncertainty. The quality of finishes, the surrounding facilities, and the final bank valuation are all unknowns until the project is completed. Moreover, if many similar rental properties in the area have been sold to investors, this could saturate the market and affect rental yields.

Land Value

For property investment, the land component is a critical driver of capital growth. However, with new house and land packages, most of the value is in the building, which depreciates over time. This depreciation can hamper capital growth, making an older property in a well-established suburb a potentially better long-term investment.

Paying Without Receiving

Building an investment property means you will not receive any income during the planning stages or construction. Meanwhile, you will be accruing interest on any borrowed funds, which can strain your finances without any immediate return on investment.

Building Surprises

The process of building can be fraught with challenges, including construction delays, builders going bankrupt, and unforeseen expenses to get the property ready. These surprises can significantly impact your budget and timeline.

Inability to Add Value

A key strategy for accelerating the wealth-creation process through property investment is adding value through renovations. This option is not available with new properties, limiting your ability to enhance the property’s value and appeal.


While investing in a new property may seem appealing due to its ease and potential for strong rental returns, it often proves unsatisfying over the long term due to weaker capital growth. For those looking at a long-term investment opportunity, an older, established property is more often than not your best option. At Buyer’s Domain, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of property investment in Sydney and we can suggest many suitable alternatives to house and land packages. Our expertise and personalised approach ensure that you make informed decisions that align with your investment goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in your property investment journey.

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