3 Tips to Consider When Buying a Home Post COVID

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As the effects of the Coronavirus continue to make their presence known on Australian soil, it’s clear that no industry is safe from the perils of the healthcare crisis. From restaurants and cinemas to shopping centers and pubs, nearly every business, store, and office continues to experience widespread effects on regular transactions.

Among all the different parts of life that are affected by the current crisis, the real estate market is one specific field that is experiencing a range of consequences.

In recent months, homebuyers have been forced to put their activities on hold as social distancing guidelines were strictly enforced with barely any room for regular transactions. And yet, real estate transactions continued throughout the crisis thanks to the needs of buyers and sellers and the perseverance of real estate agents.

In this article, we will share three tips on how buyers have been buying homes amid COVID-19:

Tip #1: Take your transactions online

Although the social distancing guidelines have been limiting, it is definitely still possible for you to take your house-hunting endeavors online instead.

Online searches can simply work in place of home visits and meetings because they help cut down the time spent on searching and physically inspecting properties! In fact, one positive outcome to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis is that many real estate agents now offer virtual viewings that provide 3D-enabled house tours for a detailed walkthrough without the need for any physical contact!

Tip #2: Always have your paperwork ready

If you’re a buyer who is about to secure a new home then it’s essential, as always, to ensure that you have your pre-approval for finance in place before you start searching for properties. This will end up saving you time as you don’t want to start looking for properties, fall in love with one and then realise you cannot act as you have no finance in place.

And these days, arranging finance is something you can do without stepping foot outside the house!

Tip #3: Enlist the help of a dependable buyer’s agent

When it comes to difficult times like these, finding the right home to purchase can be even more of a challenge, given the limited amount of flexibility that you have as a buyer. With the help of a trusted buyer’s agent, however, you can streamline the process and end up with a property that ticks your boxes without settling for anything else or risk letting too much time pass by.

An award-winning buyer’s agent, such as Buyer’s Domain, will help you find the right property and secure it at the lowest possible price. With industry experience, insider knowledge, and the right set of skills, a buyer’s agent can help you find the perfect property for your needs and preferences in no time!


As the effects of COVID-19 continue to impact the common way of life, finding your dream home can become far more complicated than you might expect. Yet, taking the right tips and steps into consideration can make a world of difference. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to find your perfect property in no time at all and even from the comfort of your existing home!

We’re a buyer’s agent service in Sydney, ready to assist you to find the right home or commercial property- Contact us today!

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