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A 3-Step Guide to Smart Property Buying in Sydney

For many intending property buyers these days, the first question asked is: “Are there good schools in the area?” Education, for those with children or with children on the way, is often critical in determining where they will invest their real estate dollar.

But as with any important purchasing decision, it really pays to do your homework. Here’s a simple 3 step progression, designed to educate your choice.

Future-proofing your school strategy

There’s no doubt that the  choice of primary school is a key factor in the property buying decision. Ultimately, academic performance in Year 6 will determine which high school will enroll your child, so it pays to choose carefully.

All things being equal, however, it doesn’t hurt to think further ahead. If you’re impressed by the credentials of Beecroft primary, for example, you might want to at least look at secondary schools in the area. After all, one day little Rebecca might make it into a selective high school. Is there one nearby? Or, alternatively, is public transport supply plentiful, safe and close to home?

The rule of thumb, then, is: primary is primary, but secondary’s maybe something to consider for down the track.

The Best Choices have Done Their Homework

For most the choice of school will be based on sustained academic status. To investigate academic performance visit the my school website or do a Google search into ‘Best Schools in wherever’.

Once you’ve established a short-list, the next step is a bit more complicated. It involves unraveling the mysteries of the all important school catchment area. This is how I would approach it:

  • Go to the NSW Public Schools website to locate your targets -
  • The website recommends you call the school in question to learn whether your street falls within the catchment. Alternatively, if you are in the market for a property but have not yet decided, the school will be able to advise of catchment boundaries. Bear in mind, it could come down to the number of the house, or even which side of the street.
  • If your property (or intended property) is NOT within the catchment, an out of area application is a further option. But the number of students who can be enrolled from outside the catchment is limited, so make sure you find out how much quota is left and what the criteria are. Once again, the target school is the best source to supply this information.

Top of the Class

Now you have sorted the school side of the equation, all that remains is to find the right property. That’s the easy bit. No more homework; just give me a call. I may not know much about NAPLAN, but I’m top of the class when it comes to property buying. Give me the school name and the catchment boundaries, a few preferred-property details and I’ll take care of the rest.

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