How do Buyers Agents Find Properties?

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As one of Sydney’s leading buyers agents, people often ask us how we go about finding properties. Finding properties is perhaps the single most important thing we do for our clients and it is essential that we leave no stone unturned in our searches. So how do we do it?

  1. Finding Properties on the Internet. It should be no secret that we start finding properties as most people would do – on the internet. Whereas our clients may only have limited amounts of time and resources, we use the internet searches at “industrial strength” finding properties by giving the following advantages to our clients:
    • We run the searches repeatedly and constantly tweaking the search criteria to unearth different options.
    • We can process a list of say, 300 properties in as little as 15 minutes short listing just a handful of suitable properties from that list. We can do that because we know what we’re looking for. We know the right suburbs, areas, streets and even unit blocks to look in and we know the ones to avoid.
  2. Finding Properties through Selling Agents. We have good relationships with a number of real estate agents across Sydney. We frequently obtain details of properties from them before they even hit the market. This gives our clients a massive advantage over other buyers in terms of finding properties.A lot of people ask us why the selling agents would do this. We find that:
    • As we have built up a level of trust with the selling agents over many years, they are more inclined to give us the details of properties before releasing them to the market.
    • A number of vendors are happy to sell before subjecting their properties to expensive marketing campaigns and a succession of strangers traipsing through their properties on a weekly basis.
    • At the end of the day, sellers and their agents just want to sell their properties.
  3. Finding Properties directly through Vendors. As buyers agents, we are often approached directly by vendors who are considering selling their properties. If there is no selling agent involved in the sale, the vendor saves on paying the agent’s commission and this saving is indirectly passed on to our clients in terms of the purchase price.

As buyers agents, finding properties is what we do best. Finding properties for our clients means they save time, minimise risk and ultimately invest wisely.

If you would like us to find your next property in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of fuss, call us today.

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