What You Need to Know When Purchasing a Property

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Having a buyer’s agent is akin to having your own personal shopper. They’ll be there to save you time on doing research about what you want to buy and where; help keep you within budget; reduce the stress that’s usually linked with buying; and most importantly, take all your criteria into account to provide you with the best buying experience.

Then again, buying property, whether it is a house in the suburbs of Sydney or an apartment in Inner West Sydney, is not the same as merely purchasing pieces of clothing. It is a significant investment. You’ll naturally have questions about financing, local neighbourhoods, resale value, school catchment areas, taxes, amenities, local infrastructure changes and more, all of which cannot be answered by doing your own research. To make the best purchasing decision, you need the help of a buyer’s agent.

What is a buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s agent is a real estate agent who is licensed to help you out in finding and buying a home. In addition, they also serve as your representative throughout the entire home buying process. With a buyer’s agent by your side, you won’t have to make appointments with different selling agents to look at homes because your buyer’s agent will do it on your behalf whenever there’s a property meeting your brief. And rather than hard-selling the house, the buyer’s agent will also help you discover its negative features, as well as positive features so you can make smarter purchasing decisions. The buyer’s agent is working for you, and not the seller of the house, allowing them to provide impartial and objective advice. They will even show you other options that you never thought to consider.

Benefits of having a buyer’s agent

Gain access to a wider range of properties

Having a buyer’s agent opens you up to a wider range of properties, some of which may not even be advertised on the market. This puts you at an advantage as you have access to deals that are not available to other buyers. If what you’re buying is an investment property, this can be more profitable as your buyer’s agent can land on deals before other motivated buyers cause the price to skyrocket.

Receive sound advice

Buyers’ agents can talk you out of buying a home that you think is perfect for you, but really, you were just enticed based on what you’ve seen in glossy photos. Buyers’ agents don’t become emotionally involved with a home nor do they view them with rose-coloured glasses, and as previously mentioned, they’ll advise you about any negative factors of the property. While walking through the property, they will be able to spot pros and cons far more easily than you will be able to as they inspect properties every day for a living.

Seamless negotiation and transaction

When you’ve finally found a home that you’re set on purchasing, your buyer’s agent will provide you with sales data to help you decide on the appropriate offer price. They will assist in structuring your offer in a way that will help you win the home, negotiating on your behalf throughout the negotiation process. Should there be any issues that arise, they will serve as your advocate to resolve the problems. There is so much that goes on between finding the right property and moving into the home, and you’d want to have an experienced buyer’s agent at your disposal to hold your hand through it all.


A buyer’s agent will be there for you throughout every step of the buying process—from researching homes all the way to closing the deal. If it’s your first time buying a property, it’s all the more important to have a buyer’s agent so you can avoid making costly mistakes. If you’re based in Sydney and need assistance from a professional buyer’s agent when buying a property, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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