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Having lived in London, Bristol and Paris and done my fair share of travelling across the globe, I have proudly called Sydney home since 2004.

I cannot think of a better place to live. Sydney’s stunning array of world class beaches, pristine waterways and iconic harbour backdrop all provide the setting for an enriching mixture of fashion, food and first class amenities. Sydney is truly a world class city.

So it’s little wonder that Sydney is a popular place to live and frequently ranks among the top 10 most liveable cities in the world.

In Savills World Cities Review, Autumn 2011, Sydney lies in 8th place in its list of 10 cities that “all compete for investment on a world stage”.

The report states that Sydney,

“Has long had a high profile on the global stage but might be described as only recently bursting forth into the World Class when it comes to residential real estate. It is a stable and high quality  “old world” investment choice within an emerging “New World” region that is booming…Sydney’s undersupply of accommodation, high in – migration and restrictions on new development are likely to keep prices high”.

So if you are thinking about investing in Sydney real estate, here are some more compelling reasons to buy property in Sydney:

  • There is a chronic housing shortage in Sydney. In an article on 5 November 2011, The Sydney Morning Herald described Sydney’s rate of new home construction as “anaemic” and explained that the rate of new construction has plumbed 30 year lows.
  • The high population growth. Australia’s population growth is roughly twice the world’s average – AAP, March 26 2010.
  • Compared to the rest of the world, we have high quality housing stock, with a high proportion of solidly constructed houses on large blocks. The dire state of public transport and geographic challenges only increase the premium on properties located close to the CBD.
  • Australian properties are the largest in the world – the average floor area of a new free standing house is 243m2 and it is actually higher than this in NSW where it is the highest in the country.  Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 22 August 2011.
  • Again, compared to other parts of the globe, we have a healthy economy, low levels of unemployment and a sound banking system.

With such golden opportunities, it is understandable that Sydney is positioning itself as a global real estate investment choice.

Where should you buy property in Sydney?

Having decided to buy a property in Sydney, the next question is “Where in Sydney?” 

This is where we can help you. As leading Sydney property buyers agents, we know the Sydney real estate market and we are constantly researching new trends and capital growth patterns. We know where to buy and why. We know the hotspots. So call us today to find out more.

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