BUDGET SPECIAL: What are the implications of the Federal Budget 2024 for Rental Property Investors

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The Federal Budget 2024 introduces several measures that have significant implications for rental property investors. These measures aim to address the housing crisis, increase the supply of affordable housing, and provide relief to renters. Here is a detailed analysis of the key implications for rental property investors:

Increased Commonwealth Rent Assistance

One of the notable measures in the Federal Budget 2024 is the increase in Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) by 10%, representing a total investment of $1.9 billion over five years. This increase is designed to provide relief to renters facing high rental costs and is expected to benefit nearly one million households. For rental property investors, this could mean:

  • Increased Demand for Rental Properties: The boost in CRA may help renters afford higher rents, potentially increasing demand for rental properties overall.
  • Stabilisation of Rental Income: With more renters receiving assistance, rental property investors may experience more stable rental income, as tenants are better able to meet their rental obligations.

Focus on Affordable and Social Housing

The budget allocates substantial funds to increase the supply of affordable and social housing:

  • $1 billion under the National Housing Infrastructure Facility: This funding will be allocated towards crisis and transitional accommodation to support women and children escaping violence, as well as youth.
  • $9.3 billion over five years for a national agreement on social housing and homelessness: This includes doubling federal homelessness funding to $400 million and $10 billion to build 30,000 social and affordable rental homes under the Housing Australia Future Fund.
  • $4.3 billion worth of new housing expenditure: This includes an extra $1 billion to state governments to build infrastructure for new homes and $1.9 billion in extra concessional financing for providers and charities to help deliver new social and affordable dwellings.

These investments aim to alleviate the pressure on the housing market by increasing the supply of affordable rental properties. For rental property investors, this could mean:

  • Increased Competition: The increase in affordable housing supply may lead to increased competition in the rental market, potentially impacting rental yields.
  • Opportunities for Investment: Investors may find opportunities in participating in or supporting affordable housing projects, which could be incentivised by government programs.

Foreign Investment

The budget includes several tax and regulatory changes that will impact foreign investors:

  • Increased Scrutiny on Foreign Investment: The government will apply greater scrutiny to high-risk foreign investments, particularly those involving real estate. This includes ensuring foreign investors pay their fair share of tax and comply with regulations.
  • Tax Incentives and other measures: To encourage investment in Build-to-Rent (BtR) projects by foreign investors.

These changes aim to ensure a fair and transparent investment environment, which could impact foreign investors’ participation in the rental property market.

Support for Construction Workforce

The budget allocates $90.6 million to boost the construction workforce, including funding for additional TAFE training places and pre-apprenticeship programs14. This aims to address the skilled labour shortage in the construction sector, which is critical for increasing housing supply. For rental property investors, this could mean:

  • Faster Development of New Properties: With more skilled workers, the construction of new rental properties may proceed more quickly, helping to alleviate supply shortages.
  • Potential for Increased Property Values: As new housing developments are completed, the overall property market may benefit from improved infrastructure and better supply.

Economic and Market Conditions

The broader economic conditions and market trends will also influence the impact of the Federal Budget 2024 on real estate investing:

  • Supply and Demand Dynamics: Despite the government’s ambitious plans to build 1.2 million new homes over the next decade, the current supply shortages are significant. The new measures are a step in the right direction, but it will take time for these new homes to be built and for the supply to catch up with demand.
  • Consumer Confidence and Market Sentiment: The budget’s focus on housing is likely to boost confidence among developers and investors. However, the actual impact on home values will depend on how quickly these measures translate into increased housing supply.


In summary, the Federal Budget 2024 introduces several measures that will impact rental property investors. The increase in Commonwealth Rent Assistance is likely to boost demand for rental properties and stabilise rental income. However, the substantial investments in affordable and social housing may increase competition in the rental market. Tax and regulatory changes will ensure compliance and fairness, while support for the construction workforce aims to address supply shortages.

Rental property investors should stay informed about these changes and consider how they may impact their investment strategies. Opportunities may arise in affordable housing projects and new developments, while increased competition and regulatory scrutiny will require careful planning and compliance.

Investors should stay informed, seek professional guidance, and carefully evaluate the potential implications of these measures for their investment strategies. For more information on how the Federal Budget 2024 may impact your real estate investments, or to discuss your property needs, please contact Buyer’s Domain.

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